Sincronizzare L’ora con un server NTP (Network Time)

Setting the time automatically is just so simple™. Run this ruin:

net time /setsntp:””

Port 123 must be open

So how DO you know it’s all working?

turn off the time service

net stop w32time

set the time out by 10 minutes

The current time is: 15:54:45.17
Enter the new time: 16:04

check it

The current time is: 16:04:43.35
Enter the new time:


C:\>w32tm -once


W32Time: *****SetSystemTime()*****
W32Time: END Line 1258
W32Time: Time was 06min 08.201s
W32Time: Time is 57min 08.431s

W32Time: Error 539770ms
W32Time: BEGIN:CheckLeapFlag
W32Time: END:Line 584
W32Time: BEGIN:ComputePostTimeData
W32Time: BEGIN:ComputeInterval
W32Time: END Line 2452
W32Time: BEGIN:ComputeSleepStuff
W32Time: Computed stagger is 0ms, bias is 0ms
W32Time: Time until next sync – 2699.960s
W32Time: END:Line 794
W32Time: END:Line 220
W32Time: END:Line 195
W32Time: BEGIN:TermTime
W32Time: TimeMMCleanup()
W32Time: BEGIN:FinishCleanup
W32Time: BEGIN:TsUpTheThread
W32Time: END Line 1385
W32Time: Time service stopped.
W32Time: END:Line 407

now check the time, and restart the service

The current time is: 15:58:39.37
Enter the new time:C:\>net start w32timeThe Windows Time service was started successfully.

Finally make sure the time service starts automatically:

How to make one of your networked computers a time server

Change this registry entry to make one of your Win2K systems into an SNTP server.

In HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\W32 Time\Parameters, find the REG_DWORD subkey called LocalNTP. Change the subkey value from 0 to 1.

Restart the Windows Time Service. You’re now the proud owner of a SNTP server.

I performed the above on CARLSMUM.

Check that you have a local time server running:

C:\>net time
Current time at \\CARLSMUM is 5/19/2001 4:19 PMThe command completed successfully.

By setting all other machines to point to CARLSMUM, I don’t “pester” Manchester University excessively.

C:\>net time /setsntp:carlsmum
The command completed successfully.

These other machines must also run the w32time service automatically.



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